MindElf is an education technology solution that helps Calculus instructors get the best possible learning outcomes for their students.


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Data driven

Data is central to everything we do. We would like to help professors and students to become more data-driven. By collecting data on student’s strengths and weaknesses during the lecture, practice problems, homework problems, and quizzes, we can create a dynamic picture of their knowledge profile. An accurate knowledge profile is a key to creating personalized experiences that positively impact learning outcomes.

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"One Size Fits All" doesn't work in education. We help professors enhance lectures with technology in a way that gives each student a personalized experience. Our software offers alternative explanations of the lecture material in video and written form, offers each student a set of practice problems tailored to their needs and matches students with study partners and tutors. 

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Frictionless set-up and integration with all existing Learning Management Systems is fundamental our mission. Our product has been designed with educators in the loop, optimizing the needs and wants required to deliver a seamless experience. 

For students, integrated means available on any and all devices, empowering them to study at home and on the go. 


Students use their personal devices to take surveys on the material covered in lecture. MindElf gives real-time feedback on how well each individual have mastered the concepts. Once the student leaves the classroom, MindElf empowers them with personalized content, study groups and tutors to ensure each student can succeed. 


Professors get an analytics dashboard of student performance. MindElf helps them keep track of attendance, measure student engagement, evaluate student performance and create collaborative activities. Professors can observe how students progress over the term and compare progress to previous terms.            

Universities and Schools

Universities and schools that adopt MindElf have a unique ability compare student performance across multiple terms and multiple instructors. MildElf provides visibility into aggregated student and instructor performance metrics over multiple subjects and terms.                                                                                         

The Power of Data

Data is our core focus and competency. MindElf helps professors be more data-driven with detailed analytical dashboards on student performance and engagement. In additional to the actionable, real-time insights into the class progress, professors can now compare data across terms and cohorts. For students, data is equally important. MindElf empowers students with real-time view of their progress across all critical concepts in a given subject. Students can be more tactical about how they study and collaborate with peers, by following MindElf's recommendations. 


Timing is key for maximizing the learning experience of students. By providing feedback immediately during class through the MindElf platform, students are able to better see why their answer was wrong and what the right method should be. This way there's clear and actionable tasks they can take to fully learn everything needed in class. Professors are able to quickly see how much of their class is understanding the material presented in class. For any issues that might be present, MindElf helps to make suggestions on things to do to help improve the student's learning experience. 

Adaptive Learning 

No two people learn the same way, yet resources like textbooks only provides one presentation of the material. We also understand that students enter the classroom with varying degrees of mastery of prerequisite classes. MindElf helps to identify any potential weak areas and helps the student to supplement their learning with more help in these areas. Instead of the student having to conform to the learning, the learning conforms to the student. As a result, the professors will see a higher degree of mastery for students going through their class because the scaffolded learning has been properly established.

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